Pebble’s History

Pebble hopes to be your single resource for finding what to climb, tracking sends when you climb it, recommending your next climb, and helping you attain it. But, it’s taken a while to evolve to this point.

Before Pebble, there was WikiBoulder. WikiBoulder was a wiki-style online guidebook specifically for bouldering. You will notice that a lot of the bouldering content has migrated from WikiBoulder. Pebble looks to improve on this model by adding route climbing and indoor climbing. In addition, Pebble hopes to help track your sends and provide a more personalized experience, eventually recommending climbs or ways to train for upcoming trips.

WikiBoulder was the side project of Sundev Lohr when he had a little time here and there. But, then he got busy and let it languish. Pebble represents a more concerted effort. He has teamed up with some folks and is now devoting all of his time to making Pebble the best climbing resource it can be. If you have any questions or ideas you’d like to see implemented, please do not hesitate to contact us.