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Rock Spot Climbing is Lincoln, Rhode Island’s premier spot to climb, train and hang out with the inclusive community year round. This facility offers top-rope climbs, auto-belay systems, lead climbing, and bouldering with new climbs every week.

Walk-ins are welcome and memberships are available with friendly staff and a continuous, padded, flooring system to help climbers of all ability levels get on our walls and have fun in minutes.

A fitness rig provides weight training options along with an elliptical machine, treadmill, and stationary bike for cardio.

The facility also has multiple hangboard options along with a system board.

Water refill stations keep you hydrated, while a selection of food and beverage items provide extra fuel when you need it.

There is a selection of climbing shoes to try on the walls, chalk, and other equipment in the pro shop. Equipment rentals like shoes and crashpads are available as well.

All climbs are graded to align with local, outdoor climbing areas with programs to help climbers interested in transitioning to the crag do so in an ethical manner.

Get into the sport and find your community at Rock Spot Climbing: Lincoln




100 Higginson Ave

Lincoln, RI 02865


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