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Manage your route setting, run competitions, and connect with your members.

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Manage your route setting, run competitions, and connect with your members.

  • Assign distributions, schedule out your setters, and quickly check-in and out climbs, all from the convenience of the app and website.

  • Create competitions of almost any type and let Pebble take care of registration, judging, and live scoring.

  • Reach out to your members with news and events through push notifications, email messages, and in-app posts.

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With Pebble, your setting is managed.

Schedule out your setting, assign distributions, and quickly reset entire areas of your gym or just a few routes. Get weekly audit reports and monthly status updates delivered to your inbox. Pebble has listened to the feedback of setters and managers to create a route setting experience that is easy to use and powerful.

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Analyze your setters over time

Pebble gives head setters and managers many ways to analyze their setters’ performance.

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Run virtually any type of competition with Pebble.

From bouldering leagues to fully televised finals, Pebble has the tools to make your competition run smoothly. Pebble’s live scoring and judging features allow you to manage a competition with minimal work from your staff.

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Directly message your members with news & events about your gym.

Send push notifications to gym members, driving them to in-app posts about news and events, classes, or deals.

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