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From Hwy. 6 at Price turn South on Hwy 10. (After this turn you should be able to follow obvious signage toward the Cleveland-Loyd Dinosaur Quarry)

Drive 11.1 miles and turn left on 155 toward Cleveland.

2.2 miles and veer left toward Elmo.

2.2 miles to LDS church in Elmo.

.7 miles to right hand turn off pavement

.9 miles to a left hand turn

2.3 miles, around Desert Lake, to a right hand turn

1.4 miles to the last turn before the dinosaur quarry.

1.3 miles from the last turn to the turn off for the Petroglyph, Tongue, and The Land that Time Forgot Areas.

1.4 miles to the turn off for the Homestead Area and The Land of a Thousand Boulders.

1.8 miles to the turn off for Ship Wreck and the Golden Ladle.

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